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'As You Wish' 5x7 inch Prints

'As You Wish' 5x7 inch Prints

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A 5x7 inch art print on high quality, acid-free heavy cardstock paper. This print features my drawing 'As You Wish', made in early 2020. It is a drawing of my ex's hand, fingers crossed 'behind their back' (symbolic of a lie) with a painted ribbon that reads "as you wish" -- in reference to the movie "Princess Bride". It is the line Wesley says to the princess throughout the movie and (spoiler warning) means "I love you". 

The print comes with a protective clear envelope with a sheet of pressed cardboard behind it to help keep it flat til you're ready to put it up somewhere. 


Choose between 2 options: 

  1. Without mat: just the 5x7 print in the clear envelope with cardboard behind it, as described above. Use as a card/postcard, an unframed small print to fill some limited wall space, or get it your own custom mat and frame for it elsewhere. 
  2. With 8x10in. mat: the 5x7 print, plus a white 8x10 inch mat with a 5x7 inch opening. The print comes already centered in the mat board, meaning that all you have to do is insert it into an 8x10 frame and it'll look great! Basically comes 'pre-assembled' for display.
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