the name 'bitchnugget art' came many years ago, out of a teenage quest for a 'good' username for social media... nonchalant, yet silly enough to make people laugh (or at least do that weird tiny smile people sometimes do).

the artist sometimes known as ...bitch ... was searching her surroundings for ideas. in her hand was a chicken nugget! and so it began....

the artist/bitch is a queer goth/'alt' lady who has always loved art. looking at it, making it, whatever. she has gone through several periods of depression where for extended periods she could not really make any art. a sense of dread, inferiority, nihilism, and complete lack of motivation overwhelmed her.

thanks largely to a host of anti-depressants, anti-anxieties, mood stabilizers, and legal Rx stimulants, she is able to find at least enough motivation to make art most days (if not everyday).

harm reduction was a major tool for her to find a sense of agency after feeling helpless for so long, and has become a major theme through her work.

the artist/bitch can't sit still to save her life and loves to work on a dozen projects at a time... if you have an idea for a custom piece you'd like to commission, reach out on this website or on instagram.