Isn't She Gorgeous? bitch nugget: the logo

Isn't She Gorgeous? bitch nugget: the logo

After so many years I finally made an actual logo for my art (...persona? brand? what even is this?)!

Introducing the iconic lil bitch: bitch-nugget !!

 logo is art of chicken nugget with very cute mad face and blushed cheeks


She's a pissed off, bitch - coded girlie who also happens to be an adorably cute chicken nugget. I'm so excited about her and this definitely won't be the only version of her that people get to meet.... but this is her at her essence.

She'll be representing us on business cards, banners, etc. and is going to be available to buy as a sticker! (coming soon).


Anyway, that's all for this first post. Hope you all enjoy bitch nugget as much as I do.

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