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Shipping and Return Policies

If you still have questions after looking through this page, send me a message here


Do you ship Internationally ?

Unfortunately, no. It is outrageously expensive (as far as I can tell, but if you know of a good mail service let me know). In most cases it’s more than, and almost double, the cost of the item itself (based on shipping cost calculator estimations on US to UK flat rate/basic shipping. 


If you want to work something out or, like I said, know of a way to make it cheaper, please contact me and I can open up the option on the store temporarily for you to make a purchase. 

What mail carrier do you use?

USPS. I typically use Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes or boxes but sometimes use my own box or soft packaging (think of the sort of bag-like material most online clothing orders arrive in). I choose shipping methods based on lowest prices while making sure your order will arrive safely. 

I might change shipping provider at some point if I find a more cost-effective option, but for now  it’s USPS.

How long before orders are sent out?

I aim for less than a week but life is life and I’m but a girl… so please allow up to 2 weeks (10 business days) for your order to be shipped. 

If I’m out of town and expected shipping times will be longer than that I will post a notice on my shop so you will know before you make your purchase. 

Express delivery options

I can create a special “express shipping” option for you based on what your order will be. To get express / expedited shipping you will need to contact me and type **URGENT** at the beginning of your message.  I will email you back unless you provide a phone number; if you provide your phone number please say whether you would like a text, a call, or either. 

… Where’s my order ?

Good question. Shipping stuff… COVID-19, supply chain, you know how it is.

Sometimes I have a hard time getting to the post office on time and it’ll take me a few additional days, although that’s why I have a relatively long shipping window. If you’re wondering why your package hasn’t shipped yet or if it ever will, please feel free to contact me here and I can give you an update. 

Framed art or larger artworks also take me longer to package since I take extra care to keep them safe on their way to you. Since I end up making the boxes I use for this most of the time, I don’t always have the materials on hand right away either. That’s why these items or item-variations have longer shipping windows than other items.

As basically every online shop says at this point, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted shipping times. Sometimes things arrive so fast, sometimes on time, and sometimes things are so slow it is as if someone were casually strolling across the country with your package and taking their time to visit scenic landmarks. 

Once an item has been shipped, you can always check for status updates on the mail carrier website using your tracking # (which will be provided at time of shipment). 


shipping cost … doesn’t add up?

When I set up the shipping codes and all that in the ecommerce platform, there is a way to set functions/equations that determine how shipping cost is calculated when there is more than 1 item — instead of just adding each item’s shipping individually, there are rules to it — for example, if t-shirts ship for $8, instead of 3 t-shirts shipping at ($8 + $8 + $8 =) $24, there should be a rule to make each one cost a little less. 

Point is … if it seems like things are adding up weird and the price is insane, contact me and I can see what’s wrong with it. 


What can be returned ?

You can return apparel if you hate it and have clearly not worn it. 

What can be Exchanged ?

Any apparel can be exchanged for another of the same type. So a shirt can be exchanged for another shirt in a different size. A patch could also be exchanged for a different patch. 

If the item you are sending back costs more than the item you are requesting in exchange, then the leftover $ money can be applied to another item and/or saved as a store credit. Leftover money cannot be refunded for cash value.

Final Sale (non-refundable, no exchange)

All zines are final sale unless they arrive badly damaged. Please make sure to include a picture of the damage when submitting your refund request.

Original artwork is also final sale. If there is damage to the artwork, please take a picture as soon as you notice, while still in or next to the packaging. If a frame is broken but the art inside is not, I can refund you the difference for the frame. 

How long do I have to return / exchange?

Returns must be made within 30 days of item arrival, which I’ll calculate using the tracking number associated with your order. I do this (instead of order date) because occasionally shipping takes a little longer and I know that isn’t the buyer’s fault! 

Exchanges can be made up to 60 days of item arrival.  

$ How much is it to return or exchange?

You are responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to me, which theoretically should be the same shipping you originally paid (for that item only).

how to start a return or exchange

To start a return or exchange, 

STEP 1 please send an email to (that’s a number one instead of the letter i). Include the following information: 

  • Order number
  • Specific item
  • Do you want to return OR exchange the item?
    • “Return” = send item back to receive a refund
    • “Exchange” = send item back and get another item instead
  • Reason for return or exchange
    • If item arrived damaged, please include at least 1 photo and describe damage 
    • If item does not fit

** Please include any photos in the BODY OF EMAIL, not as attachments ** – send multiple emails if necessary 

STEP 2 — use the contact form to let me know you emailed (can be short and just say “check email”)

  • Without this step the email might go unnoticed for a bit

What is Store Credit ?

Store credit will exist in the form of a coupon code. I will generate a unique code that you can enter as a coupon at checkout to receive a discount equal to your store credit value. (i.e. store credit of 5.64 == coupon discount of $5.64) 

If you have a higher store credit than the cost of the item you would like to purchase, please send me an email and I can create a coupon code for the specific item and another code for your remaining store credit. 

  • STEP 1 Send email to (that’s a number one instead of the letter i). Include the following information:
    • Your current coupon code for store credit 
    • The  total of the item you are buying
  • STEP 2 use the contact form to let me know you emailed (can be short and just say “check email”)
    • Without this step the email might go unnoticed for a bit


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