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scroll down for separate form for commission requests. 



I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP. If you haven’t heard back from me in 7 days (weekend included) please send me another one of these forms.


If your message is related to a purchase you’ve made, please include your order # if possible.

Interested in Commissioning Some Artwork ?

Commissioning art means having an artist create something custom for you. Commissions aren’t free, even if we love you, and especially if we don’t know you. 

I really enjoy doing commissions! I definitely have time to take some on right now as well. This will fluctuate, but I’ll make sure to update here if my capacity lowers and I need to pause taking on new projects. 


Fill out this form even if you aren’t totally sure what you’re envisioning but still have some kind of idea…. or even if you don’t have any idea… and I can hopefully help you figure it out. As you fill out the form, make sure to note where you’re at with how decided you are. 


As for pricing, I will give you an estimate based on your form and potentially any additional questions I might have. 

I calculate cost depending on multiple factors, so I can’t give you an exact “formula” I use. Things that I take into consideration: 

  • Cost of materials
  • How long it will take me to complete the project
  • Whether I will need to learn a new skill
  • How complicated it is (I can explain that better in context)

+ shipping. 


A 50% deposit is required before I start any work on the project. 

Examples of previous commissions: